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shannon estuary

  1. Aughinish Jetty,Shannon Estuary

    Aughinish Jetty,Shannon Estuary

    Tanker Tambourin and Bulker GMI Athinoula at Aughinish jetty on Shannon Estuary
  2. Ging Concorde 1

    Ging Concorde 1

    Ging Concorde 1 anchored in Shannon Estuary with a cargo of bauxite for Aughinish.
  3. Shao Shan 5

    Shao Shan 5

    Anchored in Shannon Estuary waiting to discharge bauxite in Aughinish
  4. Star Kestrel

    Star Kestrel

    Star Kestrel entering Foynes with tugs Celtic Banner and Celtic Rebel.
  5. Aller


    Aller lying alongside in Foynes.
  6. Celtic Rebel

    Celtic Rebel

    Celtic Rebel leaving Foynes, Shannon Estuary.
  7. Shi Dai 1

    Shi Dai 1

    Shi Dai 1 passing Tarbert having discharged Bauxite at Aughinish,Shannon Estuary.
  8. Remsborg


    Busy morning in the inner anchorage with other Wagenborg vessel Delfborg ,also Stolt Dipper and Wilson Tana all waiting.