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  1. Ocean Breeze

    Despite those awful hull stripes the former Southern Cross still looked pretty good as she came alongside at Key West.
  2. Southern Cross

    Crossing the Line Ceremony at forward swimming pool on Shaw Savill Lines Southern Cross, photo taken at safe haven on monkey island above the bridge on my first crossing of the equator January 1968.
  3. Southern Cross

    View taken from Shaw Savill's Southern Cross looking along Suva wharf where another Shaw Savill cargo vessel is berthed. Can anyone identify this cargo ship?
  4. Southern Cross

    Passengers on Observation Deck forward of the Bridge on Shaw Savill's Southern Cross as we approach Rarotonga, Cook Islands (1968)
  5. Southern Cross

    Cook Island entertainers dancing on Sports Deck of Southern Cross during visit to Rarotonga (1968)
  6. Junior Officers Table

    Junior Deck officers, Radio officers, Nurses, Chilly-Ho and Pursers in Forward Dining Saloon, port side, on board Shaw Savill's Southern Cross - Voyage 55 1968
  7. Southern Cross

    Shaw Savill Line's Southern Cross transiting Gatun Lake - Panama Canal (6th November 1968)
  8. Southern Cross

    Shaw Savill Line's Southern Cross in the locks of Panama Canal (6th November 1968)
  9. Southern Cross

    Shaw Savill Line's Southern Cross transiting the Panama Canal (6th November 1968)
  10. Southern Cross

    Shaw Savill's Southern Cross sailing from Hamilton, Bermuda (13th November 1968)
  11. Dominion Monarch

    Shaw Savill's Dominion Monarch at Capetown, South Africa (built 1939 in service till 1962)
  12. Azure Seas

    Azure Seas (Shaw Savill's Southern Cross built 1955 ) at San Diego, California with the Star of India (Shaw Savill's Euterpe built in 1863 )
  13. Northern Star

    Northern Star berthed at Madeira, Canary Islands taken from Funchal during visit 1972
  14. Northern Star

    Shaw Savill Line's Northern Star publicity photo
  15. Northern Star

    Northern Star anchored off Acapulco, Mexico 1972
  16. Southern Cross

    Shaw Savill's Southern Cross sailing from Liverpool August 1971 on Mediterranean Cruise. Photo taken by Photographer Paul Boot and appears in book title "Reflections on the Mersey" I was working on the ship at the time as Second Purser
  17. Shaw Savill Line

    Advertisement for Shaw Savill Line when sea travel was the only way to go.
  18. Ocean Monarch

    Shaw Savill Line's Ocean Monarch at Melbourne's Station Pier.
  19. mv Dunedin

    The last ship to fly the Shaw Savill flag - I filmed her leaving Auckland for the final time, mid 1986 (forgot the actual date) this footage was used in Snowbow's video episode 23 "The End of the Line"
1-20 of 29 Results