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  1. Shaw Savill Society Reunion Picton NZ, April 2012

    Our pianist Jim O'Warn and our Picton host Ken Gullery at Beachcomber Inn, Picton, NZ
  2. Shaw Savill Society Reunion, Picton, NZ April 2012

    Asst Purser Ron Shields, Catering Staff Alan Frewing and deck officer John Welch
  3. Shaw Savill Society NZ Reunion, Picton, April 2012

    Members returning to CougarLine cruise boat after lunch at Lochmara Lodge, Marlborough Sounds, South Island, NZ
  4. Shaw Savill Society NZ Reunion, Picton, April 2012

    Our local hosts Ken & Dianne Gullery at Lochmara Lodge jetty, in Marlborough Sounds, South Island NZ
  5. Shaw Savill Society Picton NZ Reunion April 2012

    Jamie, the Purser, Membership secretary
  6. ship models

    This model of ss Southern Cross originally from the Shaw Savill Line's - Auckland Queen Street office Passenger Dept - now owned by the NZ Branch of the Shaw Savill Society, and currently I am custodian of the model, as Committee member of the NZ Branch of the Society. The model was refurbished...
1-7 of 7 Results