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    The British cargo ship SHEAF CREST, built 1924 at Blyth, on voyage from Curacao to Landskrona with a cargo of phosphate, collided with the Italian vessel FIDELITAS on the North Sea on 17th June 1926. The Sheaf Crest proceeded to the RDM yard at Rotterdam for inspection and repairs. After 5 days...
  2. Captain James (Jimmy) McVean, MV Sheaf Crest 1970

    The picture shows Captain Jimmy McVean holding forth in the officer's lounge of MV Sheaf Crest 1970, with his wife Margaret(????) and purser Maurice Rackstraw
  3. Sheaf Crest-- aerial view

    No--not of her aerials!! Built Doxford and Sunderland 1968 for Sheaf Steam Shipping Co (W.A.Souter). SD15 variant, GYKH, 9392grt,14kts Later "Father Panos"-- see photo from ruud
1-3 of 3 Results