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  2. Shell Apprentices at Riversdale, 1962/4

    Shell Apprentices at Riversdale, 1962/4

    Shell Apprentices at Riversdale, 1962/4
  3. Helix


    At anchor in Belfast Lough. Photo taken between 1978 and 1980
  4. Maurea arr. Auckland

    Maurea arr. Auckland

    Coastal tanker 'Maurea' arriving Auckland c. 1960's Maurea Built: 1952 Smith's Dock, South Bank Tonnage: 2,928grt Owners: Shell Oil(NZ) Ltd 1952: Built as 'Fragum' for Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co (Shell) 1964: Maurea 1971: Daya 1976: Broken up Hong Kong
  5. Hastula(II) at Auckland

    Hastula(II) at Auckland

    Taken at Auckland, c. early 2000's. Hastula Built: 1993 Halla, Inchon, S.Korea Tonnage: 28,277grt Owners: Shell Tankers Pacific Crystal(2006-
  6. Sepia on trials

    Sepia on trials

    Shell tanker 'Sepia' on trials, 1960. Built 1960 Cammell Laird, Birkenhead Broken up Kaohsiung, 1983. Beautiful looking tanker.
  7. Maurea


    Arrived on the NZ coast in 1964 as the first tanker to be used for bulk bitumen carriage, distributing from the Marsden Point Refinery to processing plants around the coast. Heading up Otago Harbour Maurea Built: 1952 Smith's Dock Co Ltd, South Bank-on-Tees Tonnage: 2,928grt Owners: Shell Tankers Bu
  8. Aluco


    Shell (NZ) were most generous with their postcards back in the 1960's. Aluco Built : 1959 Tonnage: 13,148 Owners: Shell Tankers Scrapped 1977.


    Shell Oil Tanker First registered 1956 12,183 tonnes gross Length 555ft Beam 69ft 2 x Steam turbines with single screw Giving 15 knots. Disapeared from Lloyds register in 1976 and probably sold for disposal
  10. Shell cutaway drawing

    Shell cutaway drawing

    This is from a 1950s Shell recruiting brochure and shows a typical tanker of the time as a centrespread. Originally posted in halves as too big for my scanner and marvellously joined by Ron.Thanks indeed.