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  1. Shieldhall

    At Southampton on 5th July 1981
  2. Shieldhall

    IMO 5322752 Built 1955 1,753 gross tons
  3. Shieldhall

    Shieldhall - Southampton
  4. Steamy Shieldhall

    Shieldhall backs away from her berth.

    Departing Southampton. SS SHIELDHALL in foreground.
  6. Shieldhall 25th Anniversary Cruise

    Shieldhall has just cast off her lines and is ready to depart on her 25th Anniversary in Preservation cruise.
  7. Shieldhall early departure

    Shieldhall making an early departure from Southampton en route for Weymouth
  8. Shieldhall

    Berthed at Southampton on 25th June 2013
  9. Shieldhall

    Taken in Southampton in April 2012. Looking a treat.I just wish I could have more time to see more.
  10. Shieldhall

    The preserved vessel Shieldhall photographed in 1984 when she was still working commercially and owned by Southern Water Authority , seen at her base Shieldhall was laid down in October 1954, launched 7th July 1955 and entered service in October of that year. Built by Lobnitz & Co In 1976...
  11. Shieldhall

    The preserved steamship 'Shieldhall' on an excursion around Southampton Docks on the first day of the Boat Show. S.S. Shieldhall 1753 grt, 1003 nrt, 1870 dwt 81.69 x 13.59 x 4.06m Steam triple expansion engines, 2 x 3cyl (HP 15", IP 25", LP 40" x 30" stroke), 1600ihp. 2 x Single Ended...
  12. Shieldhall

    Canting in the Kyles of Bute.
  13. Shieldhall

    Shieldhall taken From Waverly yesterday off Alum Bay. She was blowing her whistle. David
  14. Shieldhall

    Shieldhall - Southampton July 2007
  15. Shieldhall

    Shieldhall - Southampton July 2007

    At Southampton 31 May 2008. Shieldhall in foreground.
  17. Morning Miracle

    Morning Miracle dwarfing Shieldhall. Southampton 26th January 2007.
  18. Shieldhall

    Shieldhall at Newhaven, May 2003
  19. Shieldhall

    Leaving Portsmouth July 05

    A nostalgic trip down the Clyde in July 2005 for the former Glasgow Corporation sludge vessel now preserved on the Solent.She revisited her old haunts for her 50th Anniversary and this was taken from Erskine Bridge.
1-20 of 23 Results