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  1. Cason J Callaway

    Cason J Callaway - getting ready to launch the hull. Photo taken March 15, 1952
  2. Colima on Berth.

    A photo of the building of the cargo vessel on the berth of the Deptford Yard of Sir James Laing at Sunderland the yard is now the base of Leibherr Cranes & engineering manufacturing craneage for ships and ports.
  3. Shipbuilding on the Clyde 1977

    Too bad this is no longer a sight to be seen on the Clyde
  4. Pascagoula

    Now where to place this picture? It really belongs in the "sweet and cute" category,- and with so many softies here, maybe we ought to have one! Whatever, I like it. The place is someplace in the USA named Pascagoula.
1-4 of 4 Results