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  1. Shipwind

    Accommodation of Shipwind, ex Empire Tovey, built by Doxford in 1945.
  2. Shipwind

    The "Shipwind" at Chittagong. Completed by Doxfords in 1945 she became Reardon Smith's "Great City" in 1946, "Shipwind" in 1964, "Wing Kwong" in 1968 and was broken up at Shanghai in 1975.
  3. Shipwind

    Seen at Chittagong in 1965 the "Shipwind" was owned in Hong Kong by Taiship Co Ltd. She was built by Doxfords in 1944 as the "Empire Tavoy" and wasn't broken up until 1975 so everyone seems to have got their moneys-worth out of her.
1-3 of 3 Results