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  1. RMS Queen Elizabeth 1938 Clydebank

    Another shot (scanned from my negative) under construction.
  2. Nordstjernen at Westcon Yard

    A scene from Ølensvåg, Norway showing a variety of vessels. From left: supply ship NJORD VIKING, yard tender BOB, oil rig SCARABEO 8, former hurtigruten ship NORDSTJERNEN in drydock and finally the local ferry VIKINGEN
  3. Nordic Spirit

    She has arrived to Falmouth on 27-11-2009
  4. Dallington in Gryfia

    Dallington entering drydock in Gryfia Shipyard on 03-09-2008
  5. Ship launching

    Gryfia Shipyard, 10-07-2004
  6. Half of Belizia

    Gryfia Shipyard, Szczecin on 03-09-2008
  7. Herd & MacKenzie

    Old sign of the famous Buckie shipyard. Now Buckie Shipyard Ltd and part of the Lithgow's Marine Group
  8. rivets

    a lost art now , i can rememer the riveters hammers singing across tiger bay when iwas a kid
  9. quitting time

    beth ship yard portland maine , going from 6 to 26000 workers in a year they launched eight ships in one day , they also built the yard at the same time and trained the workers
  10. Baltimore

    beth ship baltimore early fifties
  11. Mauretania

    fitting out at Liverpool
1-11 of 11 Results