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    Inward light for Tilbury Dock,engaged in berth and fairway dredging.
  2. Shoalway

    Westminster Dredging's Shoalway working in the River Mersey
  3. Shoalway

    Shoalway - Liverpool Bay
  4. Shoalway

    Shoalway - Liverpool Bay
  5. Shoalway

    Westminster Dredging's newest vessel the Shoalway dressed overall for her naming ceremony at Liverpool Cruise Liner Terminal, noon, 30/4/10
  6. Shoalway

    Westminster Dredging's new dredger Shoalway at Liverpool Landing Stage, 29/4/10. Shoalway is a direct replacement for the Mersey Mariner which was sold last year. Details of the new ship are here;
1-6 of 6 Results