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  1. Shonga

    The British m/s SHONGA, 145,7m/ 9.239gt/ 322teu/ 16.5kn; 11/12/1973 completed by Stocznia Szczecinska im A. Warskiego, Szczecin, for Elder Dempster Lines, Ltd, Liverpool; 1984 AROMA; 1984 DONA; 1987 MARIOCEAN; 1988 GRAND LIBERTY, LOUIS DANN, 1991 LOTUS, 1991 EXCELSIOR LUCK; 23/01/1997 arrived...

    Photographed at Tilbury on the 18 July 1981, the mv Shonga of Elder Dempster Line. Built in 1973 in Poland at Szczecin for Elder Dempster she was 9239 GRTwith a 11617 DWT. IMI No. 7319723 Length 145.7metres, beam 21.5metres. Sold by Elder Dempster in 1984 and renamed Aroma a name she kept...
  3. Shonga

    Shonga in Liverpool
  4. Shonga

    SHONGA 1973 9239 tgr Elder Dempster taken at 31 quay Tilbury 31-12-75
  5. SHONGA 4 cyl Doxford

    Typical of Elder Dempster 'S' class. 4cyl Doxford with centre scavenge and three Allen generators. Judging by the temporary lighting this was probably taken during fitting out.
1-5 of 5 Results