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  1. SS Explorer - Leith

    Work has now started on the hospital renovations. Note the outboard motor bracket on the right hand wall. This area has not been touched since decommisioning in 1984! Everything you see here is aluminium, walls, ceiling, ducting etc and all designed to save weight on the superstructure...
  2. SS Explorer - Leith

    Fresh water tank in the chain locker getting checked and refurbished.
  3. SS Explorer - Leith

    Volunteer restoration crew take a breather October 2012
  4. SS Explorer - Leith

    SS Explorer - Leith - October 2012 the restoration progresses.
  5. SS Explorer - Leith

    SS Explorers engine room workshop after painting October 2012
  6. SS Explorer - Leith

    Here we have a pic of the newly donated wheel. Thanks go to Georgian Antiques in Leith. It's a perfect fit on the shaft and the woodruff key, so it's pretty close to the original, which along with lots of other original fitments has been stolen.
  7. SS Explorer - Leith

    The newly refurbished samson post after a scale, chip, prime and paint by Bob and Pete. Well done lads! Now get up that mast!!!
  8. SS Explorer - Leith , new funnel paint job

    Latest news, August 11th 2012 SS Explorer gets a new funnel paint job. Preservation and restoration work continues. Get involved and help us get Explorer back to sea!
  9. SS Explorer - Leith

    We decided to change the stripe from white to yellow.
  10. SS Explorer - Leith

    SS Explorer - Leith currently under restoration by volunteers. Here is the boiler room telegraph! see come and join us
  11. SS Explorer - Leith

    A recent pic of the fishing deck SS Explorer. An historic steam powered fisheries research vessel being restored in Leith by volunteers. See
  12. joseph conrad

    trawlercooks latest build newingtons joseph conrad
  13. joseph conrad

    trawlercooks latest building newingtons joseph conrad
  14. joseph conrad

    trawlercooks latest building newingtons joseph conrad
1-14 of 15 Results