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  1. Silvia

    Swedish m/v SILVIA, imo 5328483/ 65,9m/ 490gt/ 12kn; 11/1955 completed by Uddevallavarvet A/B, Uddvalla, for Rederi A/B Svenska Lloyd, Gothenburg; 1965 NORDSTAD, K/S A/S Nordship & Co II, Holmstrand; 1968 SMEDSUND, D/S Veritas, Haugesund; 1973 RITA, Joseph S. Affaki, Famagusta; 1978 TAREK, Osman...
  2. Silvia

    The Swedish coaster Silvia seen entering the Tyne on her way to Newcastle Quay in 1964. Photograph taken from Lloyds Hailing Station at North Shields
  3. Silvia

    Still wearing the colours of Stephenson Clarke, the Silvia is seen in a northbound convoy through the Bosphorus.
  4. Silvia

    Going astern on to the berth.
  5. Silvia

    Continuing to swing
  6. Silvia

  7. Silvia

    Preparing to swing
  8. Silvia

    Approaching Perth with a cargo of animal feedstuffs.
  9. Silvia

    Kiel Canal, around 1980 - Information welcome
1-9 of 9 Results