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    I'm pretty sure this is the Common Brothers' bulker built in 1965 at Haverton Hill. She was sold on in 1972 as PRODROMOS and passed to Chinese registry later as WU TONG SHAN being deleted from registers around 2002

    Mississippi River 1960's
  3. Simonburn

    The bridge of the Simonburn, the bulk carrier built for Common Brothers in 1965. At the wheel is 3/O J. K. F. Scott.
  4. Simonburn

    The only dry-bulk carrier ever owned by Common Brothers, the Simonburn, anchored in the Mississippi waiting to load grain at Destrehan.
  5. Simonburn

    Common Brothers bulk carrier "Simonburn" loading grain at Destrehan on the Mississippi.
  6. Simonburn

    The only bulk carrier owned by Common Brothers was the "Simonburn" seen anchored in the Mississippi in 1964. Built in 1965 she was still afloat until quite recently as the "Wu Tong Shan".
1-6 of 6 Results