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    Rare photo of the German tug SIMSON of 1920, possibly during the salvage operations of the L'ATLANTIQUE in January 1933. Bugsier-, Reederei- und Bergungs A.G.- Hamburg Launched August 1920; delivered 01-12-1920 by Vulcan Werke AG - Hamburg (679) 38,17 x x 8,15 x 4,59 x 3,85 m. 341 brt...

    Wijsmuller tug SIMSON was built in 1958 by A. van Bennekum at Sliedrecht, yard number 21. IMO 5328861. Out of service in 1982.

    The famous Amsterdam photographer Jacob Olie (1834-1905) travelled on 26th September 1897 to IJmuiden to take pictures of the beached s.s. OBI (see As a 'by-product' he also made this photo of the paddle tug...
  4. Simson

    The German owned Simson built 1973, 1600 grt. 12500 HP. Seen arriving at Avonmouth June 1974 after towing a tanker from Bermuda to Avonmouth.
  5. Simson

    At Oxelosund, Sweden 1966
1-5 of 5 Results