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  1. Singapore Port Scene

    Singapore Port Scene

    Combining the old and the new.
  2. Queen Elizabeth

    Queen Elizabeth

    This is a very rare wartime view showing the Queen Elizabeth receiving a black hull while docked at Singapore in 1941.
  3. Singapore Harbour Scene

    Singapore Harbour Scene

  4. Fu Xiang

    Fu Xiang

    Sand carrier bringing in sand for the massive reclamation project at the new port of Pasir Panjang, Singapore.
  5. Special Purpose?

    Special Purpose?

    Can anyone explain whats going on? This vessel has been stationary for a few weeks alongside the new port port reclamation work at Pasir Panjang, Singapore. Is she deep boring or...?
  6. Lili Marleen

    Lili Marleen

    Seen Singapore September 2012.
  7. Singapore in the 1930's

    Singapore in the 1930's

    Part of the British Naval Base Singapore, seen here in the early 1930's. Unusually, the picture does not show the main part of Singapore naval base with Empire Dock or Keppel Harbour but the lower course of Singapore River. The road on the shore to the left is the South Boat Quay and the suspension
  8. Golden Opus

    Golden Opus

    See below for description.
  9. Johore Strait with causeway

    Johore Strait with causeway

    From an air-to-ground shot, 1968. The causeway connects Singapore Island and the Malay Peninsula (West Malaysia)
  10. Singapore (The Esplanade)

    Singapore (The Esplanade)

  11. Singapore 1956

    Singapore 1956

    Originally thought to be Dakar.
  12. Singapore


    The British cargo liner SINGAPORE, 159,4/ 9.236gt/ 17kn; 19/04/1951 completed by John Brown & Co., Ltd., Clydebank, for Peninsular & Oriental Steam navigation Co., London; 1964 COMORIN, same as above; 1968 PANDO COVE, same as above; 16/03/1972 arrived Bilbao for breaking up by A. Garcia.
  13. Singapore River (1950's)

    Singapore River (1950's)

    Aerial view of Empress Place, with the Singapore Cricket Club padang and Queen Elizabeth Walk visible in the top right-hand corner of the picture. Spanning the river are Cavanagh Bridge on the left, and Anderson Bridge.
  14. Batam ferry

    Batam ferry

    Operates between Singapore and Harbour Bay, Batam, Indonesia.
  15. Unknown


  16. Weije


  17. Unknown


  18. IRISL vessel

    IRISL vessel

    Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL Group)
  19. Tay Do 06

    Tay Do 06

    Operated by Vietnamese shipping group.
  20. MMM Mersey

    MMM Mersey

    Anchored off Singapore. Malaysian Merchant Marine (MMM) car carrier. Suggestions are that this shipping line is presently struggling to survive.