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  1. Singapore


    Early 80s
  2. Singapore before development

    Singapore before development

    View from cable car early 70's. Sadly the scene has now totally changed.
  3. Singapore


    Singapore Anchorage 07/04/06
  4. Straat Colombo

    Straat Colombo

    Keppel Harbour, Singapore, February 1965.
  5. Laomedon


    Alongside, Keppel Harbour, Singapore 1962
  6. Charon at Singapore January 1962

    Charon at Singapore January 1962

    Nearing retirement, she is framed by East Asiatic liner Pretoria and the brand new Flintshire alongside on her first visit to Keppel Harbour.
  7. Singapore


    Cockpit Hotel, Singapore. Paid off. April 1992, from mv Astart. Relax then fly home to UK next day, ideal. Best wishes Nigel.
  8. Singapore


    Singapore prior to WW 2.
  9. Singapore roads

    Singapore roads

    cma cgm nabucco passing shipping on singapore roads.
  10. City of Singapore

    City of Singapore

    Does any one have the history of this Ship was she involved in the liberation of Singapore Island WW11
  11. US destroyer

    US destroyer

    US destroyer in Sembawang dock, Singapore in 1970.
  12. Singapore


    Dockyards Singapore in November 1984.
  13. Singapore


    Dockyards Singapore in November 1984.
  14. Rule Britania

    Rule Britania

    Cellar Bar Singapore 1969, Having a singalong,, SS Haminella,Shell Shock
  15. Singapore at night.

    Singapore at night.

    Arriving Singapore Cruise Centre.
  16. singapore


    taken in 1949 by my dad while on a joy ride , the first ship looks like its from the american president line , any offers on the rest