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  1. Sir Lancelot

    At the landing stage Port Victoria, Labuan, North Borneo when operating for British India Line in 1965
  2. RFA Sir Lancelot

    RFA Sir Lancelot in Dock, Brigham & Cowans, South Shields, c.1973
  3. RFA Sir Lancelot

    Warbarrow Bay Dorset
  4. RFA Sir Lancelot

    RAF Chinook vertrepping from RFA Sir Lancelot 1987
  5. RFA Sir Lancelot - FDC ?

    Long before the age of computer imaging I made these "First Day Covers" with the help of the photocopier and a few fibre point pens. I sold the results to the embarked troops (2nd Btn Royal Irish Rangers and RCT) for 75p and made a tidy sum for the RNLI.
  6. RFA Sir Lancelot at Prinz Olaf Sund

    Anchored off the abandoned whaling station at Prinz Olaf Sund, South Georgia Feb 1987.
  7. RFA Sir Lancelot

    Beached at Warbarrow Bay, Dorset.
  8. RFA Sir Lancelot

    RAF Chinook over Sir Lancelot. Falklands Feb 1987
  9. RFA Sir Lancelot

    Beached at Warbarrow Bay, Dorset. April 1987
  10. RFA Sir Lancelot

    Closing to fuel from RFA Green Rover 1976
  11. RFA Sir Lancelot

    Alongside at King Edward Point South Georgia. Feb 1987
  12. RFA Sir Lancelot

    RAF Chinook over RFA Sir Lancelot. Fox Bay W Falkland 1987. Got the whole aeroplane in this time.
  13. Sir Lancelot

    RAF Chinook conducting vertical replenishment with RFA Sir Lancelot. Fox Bay. West Falkland 1987
1-14 of 14 Results