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sister eleff
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  1. He's here!

    A mad pommie has arrived on the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney after driving across the Nullarbor Plain in a camper van. From L to R: John Briggs, Sister Eleff, Bozo and Dickyboy.
  2. Sister Eleff at work

    She looks much better when she takes the mask off. A bit of beauty under there!
  3. What did she say?

    Coastie appears to be a bit miffed by something she said to him!
  4. Dickyboy in Oz

    A lunch time BBQ which lasted until late. From left to right: Me, Sister Eleff, Peter Dixon and the guest of honour Dickyboy.
  5. What is Coastie thinking of?

    In response to Benjidog's question re my left hand and Billyboy's request.
1-6 of 6 Results