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  1. Meeching and Sitakund - 10

    OK, the Dover tug Dominant is in the foreground, but look where Meeching is - right at the stern of the Sitakund, still fighting the fire. Thanks to Jim Still and Heidi Watkins for this one.
  2. Front of Sitakund

    As a tail piece to the series of px, Seaduck (Charles) has sent me a pic from the Western Morning News of 2nd January 1969, showing the United Towing tug Englishman towing the hardly damaged front section into Falmouth. Many Thanks, Seaduck!
  3. Meeching and Sitakund 7

    Sitakund is now aground off Eastbourne. Meeching is off her port quarter (see other photos) fighting the fire, while Dominant and an unidentified J.P Knight tug stand by. Incidentally, the famous Zwarte Zee (1963) is also just out of shot. Offering her 'assistance', she proved to be such a...
  4. Meeching and Sitakund 6

    On fire, sinking, but under tow. At this point Meeching is heading west, to try and ground Sitakund away from the seafront. Alas, she struck bottom and stuck fast. As far as I know, this is the only photo of this tow.
  5. Meeching and Sitakund 5

    The fire is well under control at this point, but Meeching, almost obscured by smoke, continues to pour on water.
  6. Meeching and Sitakund

    A dramatic close up of firefighting by the Meeching. This photo, like the others in this sequence, is courtesy of Newhaven Museum.
  7. Meeching and Sitakund

    The view from Eastbourne seafront. Quite a show! The two tugs are Meeching and Dominant, from Dover. They're near sisters and it's not possible to say which is which, though the one to the left is most probably Meeching, as she was in charge of the operation.
  8. Meeching and Sitakund 2

    This shows just how badly Sitakund was damaged after three huge explosions.
  9. Meeching and Sitakund 1

    October 1968. The Meeching fights the fire at very close quarters.
1-9 of 9 Results