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  1. Skagen

    Viewed from aboard P&O Aurora

    Passenger, car and train ferry SKAGEN serving the line Kristiansand (Norway) to Hirtshals (Denmark) across the Skagerak. The crossing took 4.5 hours. She was built in 1958.
  3. Marjun III, TN 116

    Built at Carstensens Yard, Skagen DK, to the brothers Svenning and Napoleon Johannesen, who are seen on the picture. Loa 62 ft.1975.
  4. FR 165 Unity on slip in Skagen

    Unity on the slip at Karstensen Shipyard in Skagen 20080507
  5. GG 912 Sunnanö

    Swedish trawler GG 912 Sunnanö in Skagen 20080507. She is former danish industrial trawler E 596 Mette Holm, and she has just been rebuilt in Poland.
  6. Ex GG 912 Sunnanö

    Swedish trawler Sunnanö laid up in Skagen 20080507 after she has been replaced by former danish trawler E 596 Mette Holm. Sunnanö is ex FD 221 Omega B
  7. SO 237 Western Chieftain

    Western Chieftain in Skagen 7th May 2008
  8. Aine in Skagen

    This is Aine in Skagen, where she have been for some time after she returned from Africa. Since I last saw her, she have been shined up with a new paint.
  9. FN 234 Canopus

    This is danish twinrig prawntrawler FN 234 Canopus in Skagen late afternoon the 10th october 2007. Last year she had her stem rebuild with a bulbous bow to make her go better in the sea. In january 2009 she will be replaced by a newbuilding from Karstensen..same hull as the new PD 96
  10. FN 374 Dorthe Dalsø

    This is twinrig prawntrawler FN 374 "Dorthe Dalsø" being painted in Skagen 10.10.2007
  11. Aine I

    Aine I seen in Skagen (Denmark) 10.10.2007. She's a former irish pelegic trawler registered in Marocco.
  12. Neptune I

    This is the former irish trawler "Neptune" seen in Skagen, Denmark. Now she's called "Neptune I" having the Marocco flag in the stern
  13. FR 165 "Unity"

    This is FR 165 Unity in Skagen in the early evening of 10.10.2007. The stem is heading west towards the sun going down..and Scotland.
  14. HG 267 "Strømegg"

    This is newbuilding HG 267 Strømegg of Hirtshals. A new pelagic vessel soon ready to be delivered from Karstensen Shipyard in Skagen
  15. S 10 "Christina"

    Stability test on Skagen gillnetter S 10 "Christina" in Strandby after a rebuilding 20070921
  16. PD 365 "Vigliant"

    "Vigliant" arriving into Skagen for unloading few years back
  17. LK 57 "Alison Kay"

    The "Alison Kay" at the outfitting quay at Karstensen Shipyard in Skagen (DK)
  18. BF 32 "Crystal River"

    This is the former BF 32 at the shipyard in Skagen some years ago. That vessel was scrapped after only a few years fishing...
  19. DS 10 "Albion"

    Scalloper DS 10 "Albion" in Skagen (DK) some years ago, while being rebuilded from the burned beamer GY 269 "De Kaper".
  20. GG 59 "Sette Marie"

    "Sette Marie" in the Skagen (DK) some years ago. Former UK purse seiner.
1-20 of 24 Results