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sky princess
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  1. Sky Princess

    The Beautiful Sky Princess
  2. Sky Princess

    Vancouver 1995
  3. Last Cruise Ship 02

    at Overseas Terminal, Wellington 1997. Sky Princess [that I can remember]
  4. Sky Princess

    Last Cruise Ship 01 at Overseas Terminal, Wellington. 1997 Sky Princess [last one that I remember]
  5. Sky Princess

    Princess Cruises Sky Princess ex Fairsky and went on to become P and O Australia's Pacific Sky.
  6. Sky Princess

    Sky Princess alongside in Auckland (1997) Ex Fairsky and went on to become Pacific Sky.
  7. Sky Princess

    Seen here backing out from Princes Wharf in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She for a number of years operated Princess Cruises Australia/New Zealand summer series of Cruises. She is currently know as the Pacific Sky
  8. Sky Princess

    To complement the "Pacific Sky" photos here is the same ship in an earlier guise as the "Sky Princess".
1-11 of 11 Results