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  1. Aberdeen

    GRIMSBY-Class Sloop ordered from HM Dockyard Devonport under the 1934 Programme on 1st March 1935 and laid down on 12th June 1935. The ship was launched by the Lady Provost of the city, Mrs E Watt on 22nd January 1936 as the 2nd RN ship to carry the name previously used by a WW1 trawler. Build...
  2. Alacrity

    Modified BLACK SWAN-Class Sloop ordered from Denny at Dumbarton under 1941 Build Program on 12th August. 1942. This ship was laid down on 5th April 1943 and was launched on 1st September in 1944 by Miss Stewart, as the eighth RN ship to carry the name, introduced in 1806. Build was completed...
  3. Modeste

    Photographed Nov 1955 at Hong Kong during the Annual Far Eastern Fleet Regatta
1-5 of 5 Results