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  1. Norrøna

    Smyril line's Norrøna at Thorshavn
  2. Smyril

    2005 built passenger ferry Smyril out-bound from Torshavn with a sailing to Suduroy. For vessel details, see:
  3. Smyril

    Smyril Lines ferry Smiryl docking in Torshavn, Faroe Islands, after a sailing from Suduroy. Ship Type: Vehicles carrier Year Built: 2005 Length x Breadth: 135 m X 22 m Gross Tonnage: 12670, DeadWeight: 2652 t Speed recorded (Max / Average): 21.7 / 19 knots Flag: Faroe Is [FO] Call...
  4. Smyril

    Smyril east of Sandoy
  5. Smyril

    Smyril, newbuilding nr. 11 from Tórshavnar Skipasmiðja, Tórshavn, Faroes. Delivered for the Faroese government 1967.

    SMYRIL, Tórshavn. As newbuilding on the slip in august 1966. Launched january 1967. Watch out for the funnel. Yellow with SL on white cirkel with narrow red bord. This marking was never used. It became black funnel with white, red and blue stripes. The one behind ??
  7. Tjaldrið and Smyril

    Faeroese coast-guard Tjaldrið and the ferry to Suðuroy Smyril leaving Tórshavn testerday in easterly wind.
  8. Tórshavn, Faeroe Islands

    A dark peaceful november evening i Tórshavn. Smyril to the left, Enniberg on the 'other' side. 28.11.2009
  9. Smyril, Tórshavn

    The stern of the local ferry Smyril. Tórshavn 28.11.2009
  10. Smyril

    The ferry 'Smyril' is serving the route between Suduroy and Tórshavn. Built in Spain a few years ago. Have still some technical problems with the data-control system, that have led to dangerous situations. 28.11.2009 Tórshavn
  11. Smyril ex Morten Mols

    Built at Aalborg Værft 1969 as Morten Mols, sold to Faeroes in 1975 R/N Smyril. The first real car ferry on the route Tórshavn - Suduroy.
  12. m/s Smyril, Tórshavn

    The passenger vessel Smyril built on the Yard in Tórshavn 1968 (135 ft, 597 grt, 1400 hp MAK) for the route Tórshavn-Suduroy. In 1975 R/N Dúgvan (when the danish ferry Morten Mols was bought and got the name Smyril). Later Dúgvan was sold to New Guinea.
  13. SMYRIL

    SMYRIL, Tvøroyri. Leaving Tórshavn for Tvøroyri. Built by Izar Construcciones Navales, San Fernando, Spain 2005.
  14. Smyril

    Passenger ship Smyril, newbuilding nr. 11 from Tórshavnar Skipasmiðju, Tórshavn, Faroes delivered to the Faroese government in 1967.
  15. SMYRIL, Faeroes

    Here she is turning in to Nolsoyarfjørdur south of Torshavn. Pic taken 13. dec. 2008 2-3 daily trips between Tvøroyri on Suduroy and Tórshavn.
  16. SMYRIL (1985)

    Built in Ålborg, Denmark 1969 as MORTEN MOLS. 1975 sold to the Faroe Island r/n SMYRIL. 2005 r/n SMYRIL 1. 2005 sold for Sct, Lucia r/n SMYRILL. 2006 sailed Martinique - Guadeloupe 2008 sold to Cap Verde r/n ISALITA. Look here:
  17. NORRONA at Bergen

    NORRONA berthed at Bergen on her way to the Faeroe Islands Tuesday 26th August 2008
  18. Smyril

    Smyril heading for Klaksvík, 28. february 2007.
  19. Smyril (Smyrill)

    The faroese ferry Smyril arriving at Bergen ca. 1981. She used to run the traffic between the Faroe Islands, Bergen, Scrabster and Seyðisfjørður (Iceland). There's a recent photo of her in the Ships Nostalgia gallery, where she's sold to the French West Indies, and her name is changed to Smyrill...
1-19 of 19 Results