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  1. Aurora

    Aurora making a hard turn to port off the West Brambles buoy in the Solent.
  2. OOCL Luxembourg

    In the Solent. Not a very good quality photo, but I think it gives an idea of the scale of these ships. The photo was taken from Egypt Point (Cowes) and the ship would roughly have been off Stokes Bay, several miles away.
  3. Autostar

    Autostar in the Solent. Outward from Southampton on 21.05.2011, She headed West and out past the Needles.
  4. Florida Highway

    In the Solent, outward bound from Southampton. 21.05.2011
  5. Maersk Wave

    In the Solent on 21.05.2011
  6. Queen Mary 2

    Queen Mary 2 heading down Southampton Water as seen from Cowes
  7. Black Watch

    Heading for Southampton early in the morning of 22.06.10 Lovely looking ship I think, and not too big.
  8. Boheme

    In the Solent 09.06.2010
  9. Apollogracht

    A poor quality pic' of Apollogracht out of Southampton carrying boats. She left the area via the Needles Channel and not via the Nab Tower which is the more usual way for ships to leave the Solent.
1-9 of 9 Results