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  1. HMS Somerset

    Guardship for the Torbay Air Show on 3/4 June - open for invited guests on the Saturday and then to the public on the Sunday.
  2. HMS Somerset

    Inbound to HMNB Clyde with escort
  3. Somerset

    The DFDS Ship Somerset is seen at the new RoRo berth just upriver from The Commiossioners Quay on The Tyne in 1971. Built 1966 she was 2,245 gr tons.
  4. Somerset

    Originally sailing under the colours of Federal SN Co but shown here when within the P&O fleet

    Federal S.N.'s 1962 Clydebank built SOMERSET was here photographed passing Portishead, inbound for Avonmouth, on 26th September 1971. Soon absorbed into the P and O General Cargo Division, but without change of name, SOMERSET was sold to Greece in 1979 and renamed AEGEAN SKY (Enias Shipping Co) as w
  6. Somerset

    P & O General Cargo Division's Somerset is seen here berthed at Tilbury Landing Stage. This would generally have been home to passenger liners. Built 1962 with a gross tonnage of 7602.
  7. Somerset

    The Federal Steam Navigation Co's passenger and cargo liner SOMERSET, the first of what were to become four successive ships of the company to bear that name. Built by John Brown & Co. of Clydebank in 1903, she ran in Federal's service to Australia and New Zealand until May, 1917 when she was ta

    Queens Wharf,Auckland NZ. 1978.

    Dunedin 1967 Built 1946 as Somerset for Federal SN. 1954 renamed Aden, P and O managed. 1967 broken up Kaohsiung.

    MV Somerset arriving Cardiff 16/10/1976 Built 1962 by John Brown for Federal SN 10027 GRT Sold 1979 renamed Aegean Sky 1984 Broken up Chittagong

    MV Aegean Sky Built 1962 as Somerset by John Brown for Federal SN 10027 GRT Sold 1979 renamed Aegean Sky 1984 Broken up Chittagong
  12. Preserved boom defence vesssel, Somerset, Cape Town 2007

    Further to my earlier posting here is a front view. Thanks to all for the addditional info. Will amend title with name and history as it unfolds from other SN members
  13. Preserved tug and boom defence vessel at Capetown

    A struggling maritime museum at Capetown has preserved the tug Alwyn Vintcent and boom defence vessel Somerset. Both are floating but with no machinery or engines working.
  14. Somerset

    NZSc Somerset
  15. Humber Lee

    I can't quite make out the name of this dregder at Newhaven. Might be Somerset? Don't recognise her as a regular. Does anyone have any ideas?
  16. somerset

    no off colored disco era picture here ,just a black and white old school
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