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    Auckland 1973 Heading down Rangitoto Channel
  2. Soochow and Port Montreal

    One of the last 'China Coasters', the Soochow of 1947, and the Port Montreal, built for the MANZ run in 1954, at Lyttelton in 1962.
  3. China Navigation's M.V. Soochow at Port Moresby

    Sister to MV Shansi (also on PNG run) and MV Szechuan which ran HK to Taiwan
  4. Soochow

    The "Soochow" at Lyttelton with the "Port Montreal" beyond. Last of the 4 post-war 'S'class to be completed for China Navigation Company the "Soochow" was built by A & J Inglis at Glasgow and delivered in December 1947. 3,154 grt, 2,568 dwt, 321' x 46'04". Her 3 cylinder Doxford oil engine...
  5. Soochow

    To go with Jim's painting of the "Sinkiang" here is her sister "Soochow" at Lyttelton.
1-5 of 5 Results