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  1. Olga at Knysna, South Africa

    I took this picture in 1986. This battered old vessel had arrived, I think from Scandinavia, and subsequently abandoned or written off. Her stern was cut off in its entirety and became a shop fitting in 'Feathers' Gallery in Knysna. If anyone knows anything about her, I would appreciate the...
  2. Bellows Rock, Cape Point, South Africa

    Site of the sinking of the SS Lusitania in April 1911. This ship is currently listed with relevant information in the Maritime Art gallery. White water is breaking over the rock.
  3. Bellows Rock, Cape Point, South Africa

    The view from Cape Point, South Africa of white water breaking on Bellows Rock, site of the sinking of the Portuguese liner Lusitania in April 1911. The Lusitania is currently listed in the Maritime Art gallery
  4. Euroman and Silver Castle

    Note the fire damage. The wing tip in the photograph could belong to a SAAF Shackleton. The photograph was processed in Capetown.
  5. Southern Cross

    Photographed in South Africa in October 1966 - not sure where, could be Port Elizabeth, East London or Durban. A really modern looking ship for her time (1955) I was on a ship built 3 years earlier but looked like it had been built 20 years earlier!
  6. Metula

    The Metula visiting Table Bay harbour, Cape Town, South Africa on 4th August 1972.
  7. Simonstown South Africa 1961

    Any help with ID of naval shjp in background appreciated.
  8. SA Constantia

    One of 3 Japanese built sisters operated by Safmarine (Morgenster, Vergelegen and Constantia), seen approaching the Pilot Station in Durban, possibly late 1980's.
  9. Aegean Dolphin.

    The Aegean Dolphin came to South Africa in 1992 as a replacement for the Odysseus which had been withdrawn by Epirotiki. Unfortunately there were still issues being resolved by TFC, the local operators and Epirotiki and our cruise was almost cancelled. She is a lovely vessel inside but looks...
  10. The salvage tug John Ross

    I was fortunate to see her in 1990 in East London harbour, unfortunately I was not able to get on board, but she is a very impressive ship.
  11. Island Princess

    Island Princess did a Round Africa voyage in 1996, and called at Durban on 25 March. Here she is seen sailing on the next leg of her voyage.
  12. Achille Lauro

    My first cruise was on the veteran Achille Lauro. A ship that was a regular caller to South Africa for many years and for most of them the only cruise ship that carried South Africans.
  13. BP Tanker

    Unknown BP tanker rounding the Cape during 1970.
1-14 of 14 Results