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south australia
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  1. HMAS Whyalla

    HMAS Whyalla in Whyalla. Now a museum. It was strange to see her sitting there among the trees, and out of her natural environment.
  2. Tate J

    The Tate J leaving Port Lincoln on 03.04.2012. Carrying grain?
  3. Yasmin (Q or O)534 in Port Lincoln South Australia.

    Sitting outside my holiday cottage in Port Lincoln, looking out over the sea, cold drink in my hand, and watched Yasmin pass below me and into the port.
  4. Cellana Launch Party (1968)

    CELLANA launch party (l to r): Mr. R. G. Hawke, Acting General Manager, Shipyard Whyalla; The Lady Casey; Mr S. M. F. Martin, General Manager Whyalla Steelworks; Sir Colin Syme, Chairman B.H.P. Melbourne; Miss Hewett, Personal Assistant to Lady Casey; Lady Syme; The Lord Casey, Governer-General of A
  5. Port Pirie, South Australia.

    Port Pirie , South Australia. We were there to load zinc concentrate. 1961
1-5 of 5 Results