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  1. South Shields

    Boatyard near Little Haven, South Shields
  2. South Shields

    The Groyne Lighthouse
  3. South Shields

    The Town Hall with its sailing ship weather vane
  4. RFA Sir Lancelot

    RFA Sir Lancelot in Dock, Brigham & Cowans, South Shields, c.1973
  5. South Shields

    Commemorative plaque on the Merchant Navy Memorial at South Shields, Tyneside
  6. unknown = City of Lutece

    could not quite make the name out, shot taken from pier, South Shields, 21/4/06.
  7. Piers at dawn

    The Tyne piers with the "Queen of Scandinavia" about to enter on a fine October 2004 morning
1-8 of 8 Results