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  1. Ship Research
    I have a friend who bought this old search light from an auction but the problem is we don't know what ship it is off of. The only info that was given at the time was it was off a warship. There isn't much to go on other than some faded writing stamped on it, please see the photo's.
  2. Ocean Breeze

    Ocean Breeze, originally Southern Cross, arriving in Key West.
  3. Southern Cross

    Shaw Savill Line At Southampton in the charge of one Red Funnel tug - possibly Hamtun and one Alexander Towing Co tug - possibly North Cock, with interesting early container ship in distance
  4. Classifieds - For Sale or Wanted
    In 1961 as a child I travelled with my parents on the Southern Cross, from Antigua through the Panama Canal and westwards back to the UK. I am now selling the certificate I was given for crossing the equator, which I was told was signed by the captain, and the Airfix model of the ship bought...
  5. Southern Cross

    Shaw Savill Line Seen in the Channel in August 1970

    Bound Brisbane for Queensland coal from Ube
  7. Ocean Breeze

    Despite those awful hull stripes the former Southern Cross still looked pretty good as she came alongside at Key West.
  8. Southern Cross

    At Liverpool
  9. Southern Cross @ Malaga 1970

    Sunny day with a cool breeze looking at the passenger's attire!
  10. Southern Cross

    Alongside at Lisbon in August 1970
  11. Southern Cross

    The former Spirit of London
  12. Southern Cross

    Tendering ashore in August 1970
  13. Southern Cross

    The former Spirit of London when employed by CTC for Caribbean cruising
  14. Southern Cross

    Departing Southampton on 6th September 1967
  15. Southern Cross

    Captain's Reception Party
  16. Southern Cross

    Showing her elegant stern as she departs Southampton in the 1960's
  17. Southern Cross

    Southern Cross anchored on the River Derwent off Sandy Bay at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, on Wednesday, 28 December 2011.
  18. Southern Cross

    Southern Cross
1-20 of 54 Results