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  1. MV Indiga-(6519352)-(Northern Shipping Company, Archangel) at No.8 Dock (M.

    General Cargo Motor Vessel Indiga, keel laid, Tuesday, 01/09/1964, launched, Wednesday, 14/04/1965, to yard number 231, by Valmet Telakka, Helsinki, Finland, and completed and delivered, Wednesday, 25/08/1965, to Severnoje Morskoje Parochodstvo (SMP), Archangel, [Northern Shipping Company...
  2. Almetjevsk

    Russian cargo vessel Almetjevsk seen on the River Thames at Gravesend circa 1978.
  3. Nataliia Koshkova

    French built sterntrawler for Soviet Union
  4. Losos

    Built on Neptun-werft Rostock for the Soviet Union in 1931. Who can tell more about this steam trawler?
  5. Kartaly 1956, USSR

    Kartaly was often a guest i Tórshavn in the 50'ies taking water to the large soviet fleet of herring-fishers north of the islands. Here seen for anchor in Nólsoyarfjørdur. This pic presumeably 1956 or 57
  6. Soviet navy

    Small soviet navy vessel seen east of Yalta, Crimea, 15.07.1987
  7. Soviet cruiser "Sverdlov" 1975

    In 1975 HMS Bacchante was called North to shadow the Soviet cruiser Sverdlov. This was a massively impressive looking ship, 4 triple turrets, very good looking
  8. Soviet cargo vessel...1987 ...River Tyne

    Inward bound, North Shields
  9. Nikolayev

    The Soviet cruiser Nikolayev ended ended up in Durabn on her way to the breakers in 1995. If I recall correctly her tug had a few problems and when the tow was resumed (awhile later), it ran into problems again and the cruiser eventually sank.. I cannot say whether this story was true or not.
  10. Soviet Tanker

    Unkown Soviet tanker in the Great Bitter Lakes, Suez canal, at sunset. September 1965.
  11. Soviet Freighter

    Unknown Soviet freighter at Hobart's Kings Pier in the 1970's.
  12. Soviet Freighter

    Unknown Soviet freighter at Hobart's Kings Pier in the 1970's.
  13. Soviet Ship

    Soviet ship at Hobart's Princes wharf in May 1975.
  14. Soviet Bulker

    Soviet Bulker at anchor in Narvik 1989
1-14 of 14 Results