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  1. Tchibanga

    Tchibanga at Gandia scrapping port, earlys 1970,s waiting his final destiny. Hierros Ardes S.A.
  2. Cadiz, Spain

    Per slide: Old forts of the Phoenicians, San Sebastian and Santa Catalina, Cadiz, Spain.
  3. Vigo, Spain

    Ship name has 5 letters, last two are ___KA.
  4. Vigo, Spain

    Per slide: Longshoremen come aboard Covadonga at Vigo, Spain.
  5. Vigo, Spain

    Per slide: Montserrat arriving from London, with pilgrims for Santiago de Campostela, Vigo.
  6. Gijon, Spain

    Getting aboard Covadonga at Gijon.
  7. Gijon, Spain

    Ore cars, Gijon. Taken from Covadonga.
  8. Gijon, Spain

    Harbor, Gijon, Spain. Taken from Covadonga.
  9. Gijon, Spain

    Quarry, Gijon, Spain. Ship named 'Benito' (I think) at right.
  10. Santander, Spain

    Harbor, Santander, Spain.
  11. ALICANTE,SPAIN, Commercial Harbour

    ALICANTE,Spain view of the commercial harbour from the shipyard dock. Photo July 1999. Vessel is steel ketch" MEPHISTO" 90 ft LOA,built Camper Nicholsons 1960s.
  12. Santander

    Port of Santander in Spain 1970s. Scanned from slide.
  13. MS Patricia

    Swedish Lloyd's car ferry, MS Patricia moored in Bilbao following her routine arrival from Southampton 1970s. scanned from slide
  14. Swedish Lloyd's MS Patricia

    moored at Bilbao having arrived from Southampton
  15. Pasajes Harbour entrance

    Here It is one more picture of Pasajes Harbour entrance. In some conditions it is difficult to get in. In bed weather harbour entrance is closed for navigation dye to high swell. Resonable anchorage is close to the rocks, anchors are often not holding properly. Anchoring in bed weather or...
  16. Pasajes entrance

    19th July 2009 Newcastle is leaving Pasajes after quite a long stay.
1-20 of 27 Results