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  1. Helmsdale, Dovey and Spey

    Photographed at Portsmouth on the 19 May 1988, three River class minesweepers Helmsdale (M2010) Commissioned : 1 March 1986 Sold to Brazil as Taurus (H36) Coastal survey ship Information current 2003_Former minesweepers, purchased 11-94 and transferred 2-95. Had been in reserve with RN since lat
  2. Spey

    HMS Spey photographed on the 5 June 1994 while part for the Fleet review to celebrate tyhe 50th anivessary of tyh D Day landiings, HMS Spey was a River-class minesweeper launched in 1985 and sold to the Brazilian Navy in 1998 and renamed Pegasus, and then Bocaina. All of the River Class minesweepers
1-2 of 2 Results