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  1. Spica at Napier

    Spica at Napier

    Taken in the early 1960's. I think it's Cretic in the background Spica Built: 1953 Caledon, Dundee Tonnage: 11,810grt 16,875dwt Owners: Det Bergenske D/S 1953: Built as Baron Kilmarnock for H.Hogarth 1957: Sold to Bergenske, r/n Spica 1966: Sold to San Antonio SSCo(J.Manners, mgr), r/n Eastland Trad
  2. SPICA


    Stern trawler SPICA, FH 713, registered at Falmouth. At Marin, Galicia, NW Spain on 30th October 2006. No doubt another sold with it's quota.
  3. USNS Spica

    USNS Spica

    Ex RFA Tarbatness At Augusta 1985
  4. Spica


    - unloading in Montreal,QC as seen from Parc Ste. Julie, 4-1-05
  5. USNS Spica

    USNS Spica

    Ex RFA Tarbatness. At Augusta 1986