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spirit of tasmania
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  1. Eclipse Cruiseships

    Marco Polo and Princess Seaways in Kollafjordur
  2. Spirit Of Tasmania

    Spirit Of Tasmania at Station Pier Port Melbourne
  3. Busy Day in Melbourne 2

    Sapphire Princess and H.M.A.S Melbourne alongside Station pier, Pacific princess and Spirit of Tasmania II in background 26/03/2007
  4. Busy Day in Melbourne 26/03/2007

    A busy day at Melbourne's Station pier. Pacific Princess and Spirit of Tasmania II foreground, Saphire Princess in background
  5. Spirit of Tasmania

    IMO: 8502391 Now known as: Princess of Norway Seen here berthed at Princess Wharf no 1 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on her one and only visit to Hobart. She made a PR trip down to Hobart to conincide with Hobart's first International Cricket Test Match. She was employed on the Devonport to Melb
  6. Spirit of Tasmania III

    Bass Strait ferry Spirit of Tasmania III at Hobart's Macquarie 6 wharf on 4 Nov 2003.
  7. Spirit of Tasmania

    Seen here leaving Devonport for the last on the Bass Strait service as the next day the 2 ex superfast vessels renamed Spriit of Tasmania I and II took over the Bass Strait service
  8. Spirit of Tasmania

    EX Peter Pan now knowns as: Fjord Norway Seen here departing Hobart, Tasmania, Australia of after a day long visit priot to starting her overnight Bass Strait Service between Devonport on Tasmania's north west coast and Melbourne in Victoria on Australia's mainland. She has since been replaced by
  9. Spirit of Tasmania

    Spirit of Tasmania rounding Bradleys Head outbound
1-9 of 9 Results