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  2. Spirit of Adventure

    Spirit of Adventure

    The cruise ship Spirit of Adventure departing Lerwick...
  3. Nordic Spirit

    Nordic Spirit

    She has arrived to Falmouth on 27-11-2009
  4. Ex-RNLI "Spirit"

    Ex-RNLI "Spirit"

    !2 mtr vessel bearing the name Spirit and No.12-000 lying at Sligo,Ireland on 7-02-2008. This boat was available to charter last year.
  5. Spirit-12-000


    This ex-RNLI vessel has been in Sligo harbour for over a year now. In 2007 she carried signs advertising "Trips round the bay" type cruises but reputedly saw little trade (probably due to tidal constraints). Now no advertising is carried and I know nothing of her future. Come to think of i
  6. Open Wide!

    Open Wide!

    Spirit of Tasmania III during an Open Day mid 2005.