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  1. Viktoria Luise off Spitzbergen

    The German cruise ship Viktoria Luise (16,502 grt, built 1899/1900) leaving the Magdalenen Fjord, Spitzbergen during a Nordland-cruise in 1911.
  2. Icebreaker Krassin

    The icebreaker Krassin (4902 grt/2342 nrt) seen here in July 1928 in the Bell Sound, Spitzbergen, aiding the ill-fated German passenger ship m.v. Monte Cervantes which developed an alarming list after colliding with the ice edge. She was completed in Febr. 1917 by W. G. Armstrong, Whitworth and...
  3. Victoria Luise

    The 4-funnel steamer Victoria Luise (16502 grt) seen here in the Cross Bay (Krossfjorden) at Spitzbergen. She was launched on Jan. 10th, 1900 as Deutschland by the A. G. Vulcan Stettin, at Bredow. Renamed in 1911 and converted to a cruise ship, again renamed Hansa in 1920 and used as a emigrant...
  4. Blücher at Spitzbergen

    Another view of the German passenger vessel Blücher, this time in the Lillehöök Fjord, Spitzbergen.

    SPITZBERGEN, BX 662, Bremerhaven leaving Tórshavn summer 1964

    I was here in 1987,aboard of MAKSYM GORKIY.
  7. Unknown ship Spitzbergen = Atlas ex Ryndam

    I took this photo in 1976 when I was on the R V Star, but I have forgot the name of the ship in the photo, we were up there doing a North Cape cruise, I think this is around Spitzbergen somewhere? Does anybody out there recognize the ship? Frank
  8. Leaving

    Life Boats back to Kareliya.The crew spent 2 hours building pontoon and taking food and drinks ashore. There was a ships officer at each end of the beach with a rifle. just to scare any Bears off if they came. None came. The shore was left so clean you would not know any one had been there. Temp...
  9. Magdalina Fjord

    Northern Bar-B-Q.
  10. Magdalina Fjord

    Glasier from ship. Must be over 20ft high. Could drive double deck bus into some of the holes in the face.
  11. Magdalina Fjord

    Ashore Magdalina Fjord. Russian & Norway Courtesy Flags 1st July 1990.
  12. Magdalina Fjord.

    Kareliya anchoring in Magdalina Fjord.1st July 1990.
  13. Wife and self at Spitzbergen

    Current photo as requested. Taken on Oriana cruise in July 20045
1-13 of 13 Results