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    ST CANUTE The SCT Knud was ordered by Odense Harbour on the 6 June 1930 as a combined Icebreaker and Harbour Tug. She was built by and Floating Dock A/S, in Denmark with a yard Nos 192. Her keel was laid on the 15 August 1930,and she was launched and named on the 5 November. She has an overall lengt
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    Hi- can anyone tell me where this vessel is now? It was in Exeter before being taken to the continent. I have many of its original drawings and wish to offer them to the current owners. Thanks Steve
  3. St Canute

    St Canute

    ST CANUTE 1931 139 tgr Fowey Hbr Comm Blt Frederikshavn B/as SCT KNUT 59-OTHONIA 60-ST CANUTE Any further details welcome. An original sketch of her at Fowey.