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    ST CANUTE The SCT Knud was ordered by Odense Harbour on the 6 June 1930 as a combined Icebreaker and Harbour Tug. She was built by and Floating Dock A/S, in Denmark with a yard Nos 192. Her keel was laid on the 15 August 1930,and she was launched and named on the 5 November. She has an overall...
  2. Ship Research
    Hi- can anyone tell me where this vessel is now? It was in Exeter before being taken to the continent. I have many of its original drawings and wish to offer them to the current owners. Thanks Steve
  3. St Canute

    ST CANUTE 1931 139 tgr Fowey Hbr Comm Blt Frederikshavn B/as SCT KNUT 59-OTHONIA 60-ST CANUTE Any further details welcome. An original sketch of her at Fowey.
1-3 of 3 Results