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    Photo ; 17 July 2001 : Portsmouth Entering the port after providing part of the escort for WightLink's new ferry St Clare which had just arrived at Portsmouth from the builders.
  2. St Catherine

    Under lowering skies, Wightlink's St Catherine passes Ryde. One of the fast cats has just left the pier head, leaving a Blue Funnel cruiser alongside. Friday 8th August, 17:57.
  3. St. Catherine

    Wight Link's 'Isle of Wight to Portsmouth' car ferry St Catherine reversing into the Camber Docks, Portsmouth on 27th June, 2006. The smoke behind is from the Russian destroyer Admiral Levchenko.
  4. St Catherine

    St Catherine approaches Portsmouth 09:05 Sunday 25/9/05
1-4 of 4 Results