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  1. St Helena

    In Gibraltar on the 28th September Daniel
  2. St Helena

    The first St Helena at Southampton being prepared for service with Curnow Shipping on 4th August 1978
  3. St Helena

    At Southampton on 4th August 1978 being prepared for service with Curnow Shipping after her purchase from Canada
  4. St Helena

    St Helena getting `finished` off in Abz
  5. Tristan da Cunha

    The harbour at Tristan da Cunha. Phgotographed from the RMS St Helena in 1993
  6. Bosun Bird

    From what I recall, she used to run between South Africa and St Helena at one point. I suspect I took this pic in 1990 in Cape Town where she was awaiting sale or disposal.
  7. Not many of these around I'll bet

    Driving Licence for St Helena, the island that is not the ship! Note the Provisional licence conditions (4) and (5) It was obtained when I visited on Clan Macilwraith in Sept 1977. We rented a Ford Escort Mk 1 for an exploration drive around the island, but had to wait a day for the...
  8. 3 Ships in a row

    Kazakhstan II (furtherest), Indianoceanique (former RMS St Helena) and Estrella Do Mar all berthed in Durban on 14 Feb 1994
  9. RMS St Helena

    One of my all time favourite ships, I sailed on the RMS to Tristan Da Cunha in 1993.
1-9 of 9 Results