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  1. View over Stromness pierhead 1950s and now

    The top photo was taken from a slightly higher level, probably a 2nd floor (UK usage) window instead of the 1st floor balcony of the Stromness Hotel, and earlier on a sunnier day. Other changes include: no cement rendering on the building in the left foreground, a light grey RNLI building at the...
  2. St Ola

    Shetland & Orkney Isles Ferry
  3. Cruise programme, mv St Ola

    From North of Scotland, Orkney & Shetland Shipping Company Limited 1955 brochure. The ship is St Ola 2. Five-and-a-half guineas would be the equivalent of £125 or more today. Not a bad price for 3 days all-found.
  4. St Ola (2)

    Part of cover of 44-page book 'The Second St Ola' by Alastair W McRobb 1977. Profile of a vessel that had a warm place in Orcadian hearts, plying the Pentland Firth 1951-1975. Still arouses nostalgia, though none of us would wish to go back to the days of loading our cars on one at a time by crane.
  5. St Ola (4) approaching pier, Scrabster

    Stromness (Orkney)-Scrabster (Caithness) ro-ro ferry St Ola arriving Scrabster, July 1995.
  6. St Ola (2), Stromness

    Ferry St Ola coming alongside Stromness, 1961
  7. St Ola (3)

    Ro-Ro ferry St Ola approaching Scrabster, Caithness, with Old Man of Hoy in distance and Common Gull breeding colony on top of Clett stack in foreground
  8. St. Ola, Scrabster

    Arriving in from Orkney
  9. St Ola

    P&O ferry St Ola approaching Stromness in 1984.
  10. St Ola

    St Ola at the pier in Stromness for the last time. 30th September 2002.
  11. St Ola

    St Ola arriving at Stromness for the last time. 30th Sept 2002.
  12. St Ola

    View from port bridge wing of St Ola whilst crossing the Pentland Firth. Around about 2002.
  13. RMS St Ola

    Ferry doing a daily service across the Pentland Fiirth from 1951 - 1974. Owned by the North of Scotland Orkney and Shetland Shipping Company.
1-13 of 14 Results