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  1. St. Ola, Scrabster

    The Orkney ferry St. Ola entering Scrabster harbour near Thurso with a following breeze and no bow thruster to make life easy.
  2. St. Ola at Scrabster

    St. Ola at Scrabster Built: 1951 Alexander Hall, Aberdeen Tonnage: 750grt Owners: North of Scotland, Orkney and Shetland SN Co 1973: St. Ola II (a new 'St. Ola' was building) 1975: Aqua Star (survey and research vessel) 1987: Broken up Vigo.
  3. MV St. Ola

    Launching 1973 - Ferry from Stromness to Scrabster
  4. St. Ola crew

    Prepaing Stewart the Stewarg for his wedding cc 1954
1-4 of 4 Results