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  1. St Petersburg

    Quayside view September 2007
  2. St Petersburg

    A busy scene in September 2007
  3. Rostral column, St Petersburg

    Column asserting and commemorating Russia's naval supremacy in the Baltic. 'Rostral' because it's decorated with carvings of ships' prows (rostra in Latin). One of a pair originally serving as navigational beacons. They do love their stretch limos! (Photo shot through a 'smoked glass'...
  4. Tourist boat on canal, St Petersburg

    One of St Petersburg's many canals.
  5. St Petersburg

    A view of part of the container port on 16th September 2007
  6. St Petersburg

    An unidentified tanker and a Maersk Line vessel seen on departing St Petersburg on 16th September 2007
  7. St Petersburg

    The vessel Olga is in the middle distance in this view of the docks in the Russian port taken on 16 September 2007 Photo of Olga here:
  8. Russian Destroyer, St Petersburg 10/8/07

    Another view of an unknown Russian destroyer (?) refitting in St Petersburg. Does anyone recognise her? Chasa
  9. Russian Destroyer, St Petersburg 10/8/07

    An unknown destroyer (?) of the Russian fleet undergoing repairs in St Petersburg on 10/8/07. She seems similiar to a Sovremmeny class ship but I can't identify her - does any member recognise her? I will post another picture which may help! Chasa
  10. St Petersburg

    Fishing out on the ice today
  11. Pilot boarding

    Pilot station St Petersburg today
  12. St Petersburg

    Harbour Scene
1-12 of 12 Results