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stad amsterdam

  1. Stad Amsterdam

    Stad Amsterdam

    Stad Amsterdam Hamburg 28 August 2010
  2. unknown = Stad Amsterdam

    unknown = Stad Amsterdam

    STAD AMSTERDAM 1947 6141 tgr Halcyon Lijn-Neth 45 ordered as BRAGE 47-MAGELLAN 53-STAD AMSTERDAM 65-ANNA P.C. B/up Santander 13-9-71 in dry dock number 3 at Rotterdam 1953-55 by dating of Red Kodak mount. plus possibly (to the right) 'Wagenborg's EGBERT WAGENBORG 1950 498 tgr. and unknown 'Empi
  3. Stowing sails?

    Stowing sails?

  4. Dry dock... again

    Dry dock... again

  5. Clewed up and hanging in the buntlines

    Clewed up and hanging in the buntlines

    I always loved the vieuw of this temporarely way of stowing the sails in good and stable weather conditions. Wikipedia: Clewlines and buntlines A clear explanation is given here
  6. Yard      Fore Course

    Yard Fore Course

    Stad Amsterdam in Mid-Atlantic.
  7. Friendly fire

    Friendly fire

    Stad Amsterdam This gun is only used to salute other sailing ships and is loaded with black powder and toilet paper.
  8. John a great crewmember and always a gentlemen

    John a great crewmember and always a gentlemen

    Before the photoshop he was actualy holding a paintbrush... of course!
  9. Stad Amsterdam

    Stad Amsterdam

    In drydock at Lisbon
  10. North Atlantic

    North Atlantic

  11. Stad Amsterdam, Melbourne 2010

    Stad Amsterdam, Melbourne 2010

    Stad Amsterdam departing Melbourne on Feb 26.
  12. Stad Amsterdam 3

    Stad Amsterdam 3

    Such a sight as this ship silently gliding through Sydney Harbour cannot help but stir emotions. This leg of her around the world voyage takes her to Melbourne where another three tall ships will accompany her through Port Phillip Bay.
  13. Sundown


    Stad Amsterdam
  14. Stad Amsterdam

    Stad Amsterdam

    A closer look at the figurehead of the Stad Amsterdam. I hate self-censorship but to keep the peace here, I put the black square myself this time!!!!!!
  15. Cutty Sark race

    Cutty Sark race

    Sun for the Stad Amsterdam only.
  16. Yêssss... We still use the magic instrument.

    Yêssss... We still use the magic instrument.

    On each Atlantic crossing the Captain tape's a piece of cardboard on the screen of the GPS and... the magic still works. Passengers are invited to learn
  17. Peking


    Part of the crew of the Stad Amsterdam (26 of 32) on the deck of the Peking. (New York 26 March 2004)
  18. Stad Amsterdam

    Stad Amsterdam

    The yard of the skysail; the highest yard on the main mast. The expression: The closest a sailor ever get's to heaven was inspired on this yard
  19. Tall Ships Race 2006

    Tall Ships Race 2006

  20. Serving


    Replacing a shroud