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  1. Stanvac Karachi, Masela Island

    The survivors were taken back to Darwin rather than onward to Singapore due to a lack of water on the tanker. 'Don't all stand up at once, men!.........'
  2. Stanvac Karachi, Masela Island

    It took from about 1100 to 2300 to take off the 650 people......
  3. Wahine, Masela Island

    The tanker's two motor boats spent the day towing the Wahine's boats, this seems to be the first of them and has very few people embarked.
  4. Wahine, Masela Island

    While there is no mention of casualties during the abandonment there appears to be a swamped boat astern of the Stanvac Karachi's motor boat
  5. Wahine, Masela Island

    Interesting that while most of the davits were of the crescent type, the aftermost boat was in radial davits. Also of interest is the docking telegraph on the poop bulkhead.
  6. Wahine, Masela Island

    Ran aground on Masela Island at about 0530 , 15/8/51. 570 ( some sources say 575 ) New Zealand 'K' Force troops plus 80 crew.
  7. Wahine aground on Masela Island

    Stanvac Karachi readying her motor lifeboats, 15th August, 1951
1-7 of 7 Results