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  1. Star Aquarius.

    Star Aquarius arrival at Kowloon, Hong Kong. She was in most days I was in Hong Kong and seemed to do night time trips.
  2. Superstar Virgo

    End of Cruise - alongside Singapore Cruise Terminal (Sept 2005)
  3. Superstar Virgo

    Passing former NCL's Norway at anchor off Port Klang, Malaysia awaiting disposal or conversion into casino ship by Star Cruises, parent Compny of NCL (Sep 2005)
  4. ss Norway at anchor off Port Klang, Malaysia

    Passing laid up former NCL's Norway at anchor off Port Klang (Sep05) awaiting disposal or conversion into Casino ship by NCL's parent company Star Cruises, Malaysia
  5. Superstar Virgo

    Sailing from Port Klang, Malaysia at night - approaching former NCL's Norway lying at anchor
  6. Superstar Virgo

    Star Cruises Headquarters, Port Klang, Malaysia
  7. Superstar Virgo

    Star Cruises Headquarters and Satellite Navigation Training Facility, at Port Klang, Malaysia
  8. Superstar Virgo

    State of the Art - The Bridge
  9. Superstar Virgo

    Looking aft from the Bridge
  10. Superstar Virgo

    Sunset at sea off the coast of Malaysia (Sept05)
  11. Superstar Virgo

    Swimming activities for the kiddies
  12. Superstar Virgo

    Poolside BBQ in the evening
  13. Superstar Virgo

    Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi
  14. Superstar Virgo

    Tender berthing alongside the Virgo at anchor, Off Penang Island, Malaysia (Sept05)
  15. Superstar Virgo

    Going ashore at Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia by ships tender (Sept05)
  16. Superstar Virgo

    At anchor off Penang Island, Malaysia (Sep05)
  17. Star Cruises Superstar Virgo

    Turned 360 degrees in her own length withour tug assistance to berth sternfirst at the Singapore Cruise Terminal (Sep05)
  18. Starcruises Superstar Virgo

    Canting without tug assistance at Singapore Cruise Terminal (Sep05)
1-18 of 18 Results