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    In (almost) never post photos of unfinished ships, but in this case I make an exception: a wonderful photo of the hull of the STATENDAM after her arrival from the building yard Harland and Wolff, Belfast at the Wilton yard in Rotterdam for completion. She actually arrived at Rotterdam on 20th...

    A very rare pre-war color photo of the STATENDAM.

    Yet another splendid photo of STATENDAM of 1929, seen on her way to the sea trials with non-paying guests as passengers.

    Brand new STATENDAM seen from a nice angle (probably a crane of the builders Wilton-Fijenoord)

    Dust cover of a wonderful book about STATENDAM of 1929 titled (translated from Dutch): "s.s. Statendam 1929-1940" with subtitle "The history of the twin screw turbine steamship Statendam and the NV mail service of the Holland-America Line", published 2003. The author is Ir. F. van Tuikwerd, ISBN...

    On 16th December 1956 during technical sea trials on the North Sea the vessel encountered serious engine troubles and she became unmanageable. She was towed back to the yard then.
  7. Scrapping the Statendam

    Holland America's former Statendam ending her days on The Beach. Had been sold to Regency Cruise Lines and resold to Paquet before ending up at Alang. This is a photo mis-labeled as The Emerald on this page
  8. Statendam

    Holland America’s third Statendam is shown arriving in New York on her Maiden Voyage in April, 1929.
  9. Statendam

  10. Statendam

    Holland America Line Seen at her berth in the Hudson River at New York in April 1972 The vessel laying adjacent to her is the John W Brown - see comments.

    Holland-America Line's mid-century masterpiece, STATENDAM, is pushed into the North River late on a sultry Saturday in August, 1980.

    IMO 5339212 Kobe, Japan (I forgot the date taken)
  13. Statendam

    On a cruise call at Lisbon in August 1969

    Holland America Line's TSS STATENDAM passing beneath the Golden Gate Bridge in the mid 1960s. Oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches. Completed this painting about ten years ago. I neglected to take a photo so I asked the owner to take one for me. Because of the camera angle there is some...
  15. HAL's Statendam transiting Panama Canal

    Colour and position corrected version of this picture
  16. Statendam

    Nicknamed 'The Queen of the Spotless Fleet' the Statendam of 1929 lasted only until the beginning of WWII when she was destroyed during an air raid on Rotterdam
  17. Statendam

    As they make their way back to Northern Star at Lisbon in September 1969 her passengers pass Holland America Line's Statendam
  18. Statendam

    The Statendam in front of the H.A.L. office in Rotterdam Oilpainting 80 x 60 cm
  19. Statendam

    Leaving Southampton, Built 1957 by N V Wilton -Fijenoord 24,294 tons
1-20 of 45 Results