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  1. Rosenberg Mek. Stavanger

    Would not be acceptable safety standards today. This steel sheet they are outlining a B on must be the funnel, But that is strange. If we are looking down on the hull, the ship is barely in frame, and the funnel generally came last, or at least after the engine. In the photo here the funnel just...
  2. Fjordveien crossing the Boknafjord

    Former Stena Carrier, at the time of this photo employed by Askoy - Bergen on the crossing from Mekjarvik to Skudeneshavn. This ferry had numerous names until sailing for a Turkish breakyard in 2011
  3. Fjordveien. ex. Stena Carrier (1970)

    Fjordveien arriving at Skudeneshavn in the late autumn of 1990.
  4. Princess of Norway and Atlantic Traveller

    Two ferries at Skolten in Bergen. Princess of Norway have had many names through her career: Peter Pan (1986), Spirit of Tasmania (1994), Fjord Norway (2003), Princess of Norway (2006) and Princess of Seaways (2011). Atlantic Traveller was originally Bergensfjord (1993), Dutchess of Scandinavia...
  5. Stavanger at dusk

    The veteran Rogaland astern of Sandnes with a trio of Offshore vessels further ahead.
  6. Last farewell

    A heavily escorted QE2 leaving Stavanger for the very last time. She did not leave unattended. Among the escorting ships/boats in this scene are the Sandnes, Salten and the ferry Skånevik
  7. Jupiter 1988

    Jupiter departing Stavanger bound for Newcastle in 1988. She is not sporting her original colors at this time, but the name is the same as used with Bergen Line back in the sixties.
  8. Can you find yourself?

    QE2 departing Stavanger on June 30th. 2004
  9. Amerikanis

    Amerikanis berthed in Stavanger, Norway in 1994. She looks pristine but she has only two more years to go. She used to be the Kenya Castle built in 1952. The blue hull to the right belongs to Color Line's Venus.
  10. HMCS Annapolis & HNoMS Stavanger

    Canadian Destroyer HMCS Annapolis, (DDH 265) and Norwegian Frigate HNoMS Stavanger, F303 Annapolis was sunk as an artificial reef for diving, 2010/11. At the same time I photographed HMCS Huron, and HNLMS Tjerk Hiddes, F804. I presume they were on the same exercise. They have been posted...

  12. Stavanger

    Looking north towards Rosenberg,
  13. Stavanger Harbour

    Norwegian Coastguard vessel W334, Olympic Hera, Rem Gambler, KL Sandefjord,
  14. Stavanger

    Valberget, Stavanger, Norway some time ago. I wonder what's out there. On the left obviously a small warship, but what are the light coloured big one with a ram bow? Doesn't seem to carry any guns. Is it the yacht of the German Emperor? I know he was an eager fjord-tourist. If that's him, then...
  15. HNoMS Stavanger

    From RFA Grey Rover Feb '86. A little furher away this time.
  16. HNoMS Stavanger - Near miss

    This one was caued by a steering error. The Norweigan cme within a couple of feet of Grey Rover and ripped the gear out when she sheered off. But the weather was dreadful. Feb 1986.
1-17 of 17 Results