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  1. Ship Research
    Hi- can anyone tell me where this vessel is now? It was in Exeter before being taken to the continent. I have many of its original drawings and wish to offer them to the current owners. Thanks Steve

    Along side at Victoria Dock in Melbourne in 1987.Towed to Geelong in 2006 and broken up .Engines and boilers were saved and are on display at the National Steam Centre in Melbourne.
  3. Steam tug on River Danube

    A side-wheel steam tug is seen here steaming on River Danube near the Iron Gates. Judging by the flag abaft the wheelhouse the vessel could be a Czechoslovakian one, but the postcard itself was issued in Romania in the 1950's.
  4. Boiler jack on ST Wattle

    Refer to notes on other photo
  5. Jacking up the boiler on ST Wattle

    As part of the restoration program we have to replace hull frames and plates where they are corroded. Having completed the forward section we are now faced with accessing the frames and plates in the boiler compartment. In order to create enough space to get a person in under the boiler we have...
  6. Steam tug Rastenburg

    The Berlin steam tug Rastenburg towing a barge on the River Spree towards the todays new government district. In the background visible the the Congress Hall, built 1956-1958.
  7. Austrian steam tug

    A side-wheel steam tug on the River Danube at the Iron Gates. On the bank are visible the tracks of the towpath. The vessel is certainly Austro-Hungarian.
  8. Removing prop shaft from the Wattle

    While work proceeds on the forward compartment engine room restoration continues. A major step forward has been the removal of the prop shaft from the stern tube and thrust block and then its removal from the ship. Another looming job is the jacking up of the boiler to work on rusted plates and...
  9. New plates on the Wattle

    After some 18 months of removing concrete and rusted frames and plates from the forward compartment new plates are finally welded into place. This shows progress on the port side.
  10. Wattle

    External view of plates near bow.
  11. Wattle

    Shows where concrete has been removed from bow section
  12. Wattle and concrete ballast

    Showing the concrete ballast and the resulting corrosion. Concrete is being removed by jack hammer. A long and very noisy process.
  13. Steam Tug Wattle

    Currently up on blocks for a two year restoration program. Other slides show issues with corrosion associated with concrete ballast placed inside hull when built in 1933. Any interested volunteers can PM me.
  14. ST Wattle

    Late in 2009 Wattle was lifted out of the water so that thin bottom plates could be removed and new ones installed. This is part of ongoing activity to bring the Wattle back into survey. A new group, Bay Steamers Maritime Museum Ltd has been formed to bring the ship back into a working state...
  15. ST Wattle, Melbourne 1988

    Restored Wattle steamimg up before a tourist run. Lyttelton II in the background
  16. ST Lyttelton II. Melbourne 1988

    Lyttelton II became too expensive to restore - electrolysis and asbestos. Fate unknown.
1-17 of 17 Results